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Harmonizing Space Naturally

Nature plays an intrinsic role in our lives, as a consultant and earth steward I have discovered ways to create synchronicity in co-cooperation with the gifts that nature provides.

Over the years I have been privileged to have studied with an array of teachers from around the world. My expertise was fine tuned in the field of Real Estate where I discovered the many benefits of this specialized work. Much success happened by applying different modalities to realign the environmental energies within the living spaces of various homes, workspaces, and other personal surroundings.

Discovering at the age of 19 that I have been gifted with understanding how to communicate and influence the earth’s patterns. By using a variety of divination tools and methodologies to harmonize and create a better living environment for people is something that I find most rewarding in my life.

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Creating well-being within home and business spaces

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Heartfelt Spaces Many Benefits

Many Benefits for Home & Organizations

  • Increased productivity & focused energy on goals

  • Prosperity enhancement & good luck

  • Clarity of mind, stress reduction & more restful sleep

  • A sense of well-being, comfort, stability & security within the space

  • Reduction of Hyperactivity & a better focus for children

  • Harmonic relationships & alignment

Creating Heartfelt Spaces

Heartfelt Spaces for Home, Business and Personal

Services: Feng Shui | Geomancy | Space Clearing | Clutter Clearing | Chakra Balancing | Green Design Ideas | EMF Solutions | Geopathic Stress Solutions

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