In 2013 the World Health Organization (Who) had there (IARC) classified Wireless Radiation in the RF AND MW frequency range as a possible carcinogenic to humans.

Making the invisible visible one of the meters I use to detect RF frequencies is the Safe + Sound Meter.

The following is a list of things to reduce your exposure!

  • Use landline phone for home and office (remove cordless phones)
  • Reduce cell phone use, keep away from body and children, speaker or air tube headset (avoid blue tooth headsets) airplane mode best (avoid enclosures like car) use specialized protection products on devise
  • Opt out of smart meter or cover (replace with analog utility meter for home)
  • Use a wired router for internet connection (avoid WIFI if possible) if not can set up protective products in space or on or near device
  • Keep lap tops off laps get a corded computer mouse, use protective products on and around your computers
  • Avoid baby monitors (High RF radiation) and avoid the use of Microwave ovens as unhealthy inside and out
  • Best to stop wearing those smart watches and fitness bracelets
  • Keep beds and cribs away from walls that have smart meters or have electrical devices
  • Best to use incandescent lighting (find lights online) avoid dimmer switches, CFL and Led lighting
  • Can use a variety of shielding products and fabrics along with Shungite and Black Tourmaline to help in detoxify space (see products page)
  • Highly recommend a combination of Salt/Baking Soda baths with lavender Valor essential oil along with Sacred Frankincense see further details at
  • Grounding with specialized products and walking barefoot on the earth
  • Electric cars and Solar on homes unfortunately can have health effects for more on Dirty Solar, Jeromy Johnson’s educational book How to Find a Healthy Home, and his widely shared TEDx talk “Wireless Wake-up Call.” is very enlightening!
  • I recommend to purchase certain detection devices which are very helpful in creating more awareness of RED and Green zones (on products page)