Have you ever had this feeling that something is just not right? I would like to start off by sharing that being sensitive to energy has its pros and cons.

I had moved in 2011 from a home I had lived in for 11 years to another one in different city. Almost instantly in my new location I could feel something was wrong.

I would awake in a scrambled fog, feeling pressure around my eyes. Then I started to notice my healthy plant showing burn marks on leaves yet was facing north. Clearly this was not due to the sun.

I could actually feel my inner body get hotter something was terribly wrong. For my sanity I had to find out what was happening to me.

I went into action doing my Geomancy Dowsing along with Space Clearing protocol.  I scanned the home and methodically went around to every room. My dowsing rods in hand kept pointing to a certain direction and this time Geopathic Stress did not seem to be the culprit.

A little voice than said get your EMF testing Meter out and OMG, I could not believe what was happening. The line was in the red zone extreme everywhere as I walked through the house and even outside. Honestly I thought the dam thing was broken!

Complete panic and overwhelm came over me, I was beside myself. I have always done my best, to live a healthy life, water purification, organic foods, and positive attitude along with having my space clear and balanced.

The home was located on a corner, facing the home on the left are the lines from 2 utility poles each about a house away on each side.

Comcast was the Internet connection, AT&T phone service and PGE electrical company. One by one I called them all and demanded they come and see if they could find the electrical problem.

The first on the scene was a Comcast contractor, he wonder why they used this pole on the side of the house instead of going direct? The unit along with the DSL was promptly but into the garage away from living space and the pole right across was than utilized.  One down two to go, next on the list was AT&T at that time they were analog and there wires on side of home where grounded, so no problem.

Last was the EMF department of PGE, who knew that they even had this department? The specialist shows up and proceeds to comment on getting calls by people who had their Feng Shui practitioners tell them they have high EMF and then he finds no real problem.

I did not waiver by his comments as I knew this is part of my work, my wheel house of what I do for my clients. Oh, did I mention this service PGE provides is absolutely free. Do keep in mind they test for only one out of the 4 different types of EMF/EMR frequency. Unfortunately, his device could not test the Smart Meter.

Michael from PGE began going room to room, first was the dining room area where I was sitting, his face said it all as he looked at his meter and then back to me.

By the time the reading was over the room I slept in registered at the lowest at 7.5 most of the house went as high as 13 the average came in at 10. Although there is debate in what are safe levels 2.5 max or less is best.

“The main culprit in this case was the lines right next to the home on the South side of property.”

Upon my second conversation with the PGE expert he commented on how he had a “Star By My Name” He informed me that in his 20 years I was the only one who knew I was in a “Hot House” he said.

Well, what a relief, I was not losing my mind after all, everything I experienced now made sense. It would cost millions to get those telephone lines underground on my dime.

Hard to fathom homes and condos Michael has tested in San Francisco whereas high as 20! Outrages the FCC has out dated information and refuses to look at information that shows harm.

Small children are especially vulnerable as it can really mess with their neurotransmitters in their brains plus impact there under developed immune systems. How much time and money do we spend on keeping our children and family safe yet how many of us take a hard look at the environment in which you live.

I am far from the only one being adversely effected. Highly sensitive people every day are experiencing different symptoms like chronic headaches, and poor concentration yet have not connected the environmental dots.

It is time more people become aware of this hidden danger. Why must our health suffer over the profits of these different companies and flawed agencies such as the FCC?

Although I was able to decrease the harmful effects naturally I have since moved as sometimes that is the best solution.

~ Nancy Costa 5/2011

Fast forward to 2019 and I was able to attend the first 3 day EMF Medical Conference with experts and Doctors from around the world. Many of the professionals who attended can be found on my Resources page, along with helpful on my Products page.

Finally partly due to the health concerns over the 5G rollout there is growing movement to educate the public. My hope is that more people become AWARE of the symptoms associated with (EHS) Electromagnetic Sensitivity.