Design with cycle refers to design principles emphasizing cycle. Cycle, in Green Design, refers to a series of transformations: production, construction, operational or consumption and recovery phases; in Feng Shui, it refers to Productive, Destructive and Neutral Cycles of the Five Elements.

Purpose and specific objectives
Through different cycling theories on materials, water, air, heat, roof and wall, Green design encourages people to use renewable resources such as wood, bamboo and so on. Feng Shui encourages people to use materials that provide auspicious feelings according to the balance of Five Elements. Since Green Design will be the major consideration for the built-environment in the future, through the comparison of Green Design and Feng Shui, we will examine how Feng Shui principles could be used in the contemporary designs.

Main activities
Evaluate the feasibility of including Feng Shui to the design of sustainable environmental policies, which are currently lead -in the western world- by the so called Green design. Contrast the pros and cons of both Green design and Feng Shui. By looking at the ontological rationale of Feng Shui and Green design, try to propose a more sustainable approach to the current design of environment.