Design with energy emphasizes energy flow. Energy, in green design refers to quantitatively measured material energy. In Feng Shui, it refers to invisible energy like Yin and Yang energy which people sense. We need to consider the input/output energy and energy flow within the system. The main idea of energy flow in Green Design is to reduce energy loss and achieve energy efficacy. The details of energy flow are:

  • System’s abiotic components: built system and physical elements;
  • System’s biotic components: fauna, flora, people;
  • Source of energy/matter which flows through the boundary and into the system (inputs);
  • Processes of the system and its components in which the energy/matter inputs are either directly used or kept within the boundaries of the system (the system metabolism);
  • Flow through the boundary of the system of energy and/or matter which constitutes the rejects of the system as a consequence of the system’s processes (reject outputs);