Everyday most of us come into contact with many people at work, the grocery store on the highway. We are exposed to air and water that lacks the luster of the past. Our foods and environment carry a toxic load.

Many diverse cultures from around the world had their own special way of cleansing the Mind, Body and Soul. Bath houses, mineral springs, sweat lodges, soaking pools, and sacred baths are deep in our ancestry roots.

We must get back to this lost art of honoring the importance of programmable water. Yes, we can transmute the water using salt, baking soda, flower petals, herbs aromatherapy, oils, crystals, stones prayer and intentions. Further enjoy this meditative space using soft music, candles and flowers.

Release your day by indulging in these spiritual bathing rituals. Enjoy as you take time out to nurture you and only you. For heaver times of energy drain after bath can take a cold shower. I recommend at least 3x a week to keep your space clear, bright and vibrant.