Over the many years of being a Feng Shui practitioner I have been able to see what works and what misses the mark when it comes to Feng Shui cures. Every year according to Compass in Classical Feng Shui there are certain directions within the Annual flying star that are considered to be (Negative Stars)

These locations are ideal to set up the Salt Water Cures. I use a mason chair, sea salt, 6 Chinese I Ching coins inside and 6 hanging on red string near the placement of cure.

Pour water slowly to the prim, place a saucer underneath. I then chant a certain Mudra to state my intentions. Did you know the action of the salt coupled with the coins creates a negative ion experience?

It stays untouched except to top off water periodically as the salt starts to creep over the side, more negativity the more the salt. By far this is one of my favorite Feng Shui cures!

The entire cure is to be carefully disposed of before January 25th 2020 and new Salt Water Cures ideally set up before January 25th 2020 if possible.

  • Chinese New Year falls on January 25th,
  • The first day of the Hsia (solar) calendar is February 4th 2020
  • The Metal Rat year ends February 3rd 2021.

The following areas are afflicted in 2020:

  • #2 South ( Salt Water Cure recommended)
  • #3 North
  • # 5 East ( Salt Water Cure Recommended)
  • # 7 Center

One can expect a huge shift as we are entering a new Decade coupled with starting a whole new Chinese Animal cycle as the year of Pig is the last of the 12 animals with the year of the Rat being the first animal sign.

I always recommend to set up cures and do enhancements for lucky areas before the New Year if possible to offset the bad and increase health, luck and love…