Nourishing cycle (Sheng)

Nourishing cycle is to promote growth. The order of nourishing is that Wood promotes Fire, Fire nourishes Earth, Earth nourishes Metal, Metal nourished water, and Water nourishes Wood.

When considering one element, it is considered to the “mother” of the next one, and the “son” of the previous one. Each nourishes the next, hence using this cycle, if one element is void, the previous one can be stimulated to nourish the empty one.

For example if the Fire element is empty, Wood element can be stimulated to nourish the Fire. The Fire element corresponds to Heart and Wood to the Liver. So for Heart problems such as restlessness and insomnia the Liver may be treated to offset dis-harmonies.

In relationship to environments these 5 elements gives much harmony and support. Balanced Qi flow creates a healthier space which in Feng Shui is one ways in generating “Good Luck”.

Controlling cycle (Ke)

This is a restraining cycle. In the five elements, the order is wood acts on Earth, Earth acts on Water, Water acts on Fire, Fire acts on Metal, and Metal in turn acts on Wood.

For instance, Wood can over-dominate Earth. In terms of organs, the Liver can over-dominate the Spleen leading to digestive function being impaired. Example if the water element is in excess mold conditions within the home can be created.

In this way each of the five Elements occupies the position of “being acted on” ( nourished)  or “acting on” (controlling).

Destructive cycle (Wu)

This is the reverse of the controlling cycle and is called the destructive cycle. When this occurs it causes disharmony. An example: Wood can rise up against Metal. The organs this corresponds to is the Liver striking upwards affecting the Lungs. In an environment one can see this can create weakness in health metal acts in supporting the children and family within the home proper placement is advised.

“We can always depend on Nature for the answers when it comes to balance. Applying these concepts to our everyday lives is Key. Harmonious living at home and work is achievable with the 5 elements application.”