Feeling like a private investigator, I tune into the essence of the different properties. Each property has its own unique blueprint. In the first phase, I work remotely (off-site), which has proven to uncover many hidden issues. It is like a window into the soul of the place and the occupants. It is very normal to find geo-pathic stress lines, positive and negative vortexes, predecessor energy, underground streams, along with certain types of electrical / radiation impact along with other disturbances.

Typically, the client can expect a three-step process, although this can vary depending on the scope of the project. Depending on the imprints of the place, one can experience some sort of emotional release as the original blueprint is restored and enhanced. Both Nancy and Wendy are able to communicate with the subtle energies of a space and land which is vital to obtaining valuable information for the purpose of profound healing to take place, resulting in an expansive and clear space.