Geopathic Stress, black lines (sha lines) underground water, negative vortexes and EMF transformers are just some of the conditions that are affecting these trees. Visually you can see how the trees in Hayward, CA (below) are moving out of the way as there is extreme activity here from major Geopathic Stress fault lines.

The one tree in Oakland, CA (below) with the cancerous growth split in half is due to Geopathic Stress lines, the energy of these lines weaken the immune response resulting in sick trees with visual abnormalities.

The two trees in Castro Valley especially the one with numerous cancerous growths (above) are impacted by crossing underground streams with a waterway located right behind them. I found conditions of Black lines, multiple Geopathic Crossing lines creating a negative Vortex. I tested the area around the tree with RF devise which registered moderate levels of elevated magnetic fields.

As you can see, the energy of these Geopathic Stress lines can weaken the immune response, resulting sick trees with visual abnormalities.

Trees like people, animals and other plant life dislike these lines as it clearly weakens their immune systems which can lead to serious illness. Over the years of doing this healing work I have found some of my clients who have had some of these environmental issues impacting there sleeping areas, property and place of work, not an ideal situation to have.