The one with the most energy wins!

I have been working with a combination of Crystal Grids for many years now. I apply them to homes, businesses, land, people and objects for a multitude of purposes. These powerful Crystals are from the Heart Chakra of the country. I am able to apply my intention through breath and special prayer.

Each theme and items I sell are enhanced with this methodology that has proven to transmute any negative energies while raising the vibrational bovis. I tested the Purple Quartz Citrine theme, it first tested pre-grid at 26,000 Bovis life force which has to do with Nature spirits and Labyrinths. This is considered the positive realm. The final results after 50 min to stabilize was over 500,000 Wow! Results may vary based on size, type and quality and more…

The benefits of High Life Force energy flow:

  • Sustainable success and Good Fortune
  • Stronger health and immune system
  • Elevation of joy, happiness and expansion
  • Feeling more connected to nature and the divine
  • Becoming into alignment with synchronicity
  • Living in Love instead of fear and hate

Enjoy this limited edition collection of specialty themes. Each one comes on a Black Ceramic Tray with Gold Veins. Place these in different areas of your home or office to enhance, protect and generate ones intention. Sure to generate lively conversation as a vocal pieces of nature art. Since each stone is natural and different including the natural furs each theme will be one of a kind and may vary from the actual picture on this website. (Each theme has been charged on Crystal Grid).