Although there are many different schools of Feng Shui, one’s environment significantly affects an individual’s well-being, all are concerned with the subtle and not so subtle influences of the physical surroundings such as buildings, trees, mountains, rivers, roads and so forth. The overall design of a structure or property all the details from within and without and how they flow, constitute its Feng Shui.

One popular method of Feng Shui is the Flying Star system, which represents the nine directions and the major stars that move in and out through their quadrants. The Flying Star system is associated with the Compass School of Feng Shui.

The Flying Star directions change on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:58 PM. Here are the predictions for each sector. Listed first is the sector, followed by the ruling element and the flying star.

2021 Favorable directions: West, South, Center. Unfavorable directions: Southeast, Southwest, North, and Northwest. Both favorable and unfavorable Northeast and East.

2021 Flying Stars


Sector 1 (Water Element) Peach Blossom. This star resides in the SOUTH this year. This star’s appearance highlights relationships and affects marriage and popularity. Bright colorful flowers in this area can elevate your relationship. You can use crystal clusters or Blue crystal ball to bring in more activity. Enhance this area with colorful flowers, and the placement of the one of the Partnership Love Alters with Rose Quartz.


Sector 2 (Earth Element) Sickness Star: This star’s existence in this area brings with it the negative effects of chronic disease, accidents, or the possibility of surgery. Recommended adjustments to place in this sector is a Salt Water Cure for further protection and Metal to balance the effects of Earth element. Avoid using the colors yellow and red here and any type of construction.


Sector 3 (Wood Element) Argument Star – (aka the Dispute Star) will reside here this year. Its influence is characterized by disharmony in business or family relationships. Using the color red here will help to avoid arguments.


Sector #4 (Wood Element) The Wisdom Star and the Three Killings Star reside in the EAST this year. To activate The Wisdom Star, place four pieces of Bamboo in water. This area is an excellent place for studying because it favors academics. If your desk is in the EAST, that is perfect! For promotion or a raise, emphasize the color green or the use of a Green crystal.


Sector 5 (Earth Element) Disaster Star aka Wu Huang or Five Yellow Star. This is considered the most malevolent and dangerous of the nine stars. It can bring misfortunes, accidents, loss, and death. Its presence indicates tragedy, sickness, calamities, and obstacles to overcome. Many will experience the effects by facing tough issues in health and relationships, or encountering financial hardship. Install a Salt Water Cure here, Gold Brass Bell , and wind chimes in this sector. This is an inauspicious direction for renovation and too much activity.


Sector 6 (Metal Element) Lucky Carriage Star: This is an auspicious direction; make adjustments here and concentrate on the intention of improving your career. Associated with good fortune and help from Heaven, this star brings luck as well as power and authority, fame, and reputation. This is a particularly good star for blue collar workers, or anyone who uses their hands for work. One can also place here a Crystal cluster to attract better prospects.


Sector 7 – (Metal Element) The Broken Army Star signifies violence, robbery, lawsuits, loss of wealth. Reduce Metal in this area and add water features along with colors like blue and black. Minimize the use of moving objects that create sound; i.e. wind chimes, radio, or television. It is advised to move such items out of this sector. Avoid the color red here.


Sector 8 (Earth Element) Prosperity Star. The 8th star means material gain, prosperity as a reward for work done. It is a beneficial star. It brings good luck, good financial returns, or an improvement in reputation. Do not block the chi flow and keep organized and tidy. Great to use movement, like putting a fountain in this area. Strengthen with the colors red and yellow.


Sector #9 (Fire Element) Happiness Star and Tai Sway. The Happiness Star brings wonderful good fortune and excellent prospects for the future, and further benefits your marriage or other personal/business relationships. If marriage or have a baby is desired adjust this area with objects that are red or pink. You can place Pink Rose Quartz Relationship Alter here.

Tai Sway affects those signs that are having a tai sway year – Ox, Dragon, Goat, Horse, and Dog. Adjust with creating an area or alter honoring with symbology of the Ox with its secret friend the rat!