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Heartfelt Spaces Consultants

Heartfelt Space About - Nancy Costa


  • Geomancy / Feng Shui Consultant
  • Certified Earth Acupuncture / Space Clearing
  • EMF Conference 2019 continuing education
  • Master Dowser 43+ years
  • Medical Qi Gong Practitioner
  • 5 Elements Theory Design
  • The Psychology of Color Accreditation
  • Studies in the field of Bau-Biologie
  • Build-It Green Certified
  • Studies in Architecture Green Design
  • Real Estate Broker licensed for over 33 yrs
  • Green designation
  • Eco-Broker
  • DRE# 0092743l

Nancy Costa

Heartfelt Spaces in 2020 is an expansion of Healthy Homes by Design created in 2007. As the healing work progressed Heartfelt Spaces was born. A company that provides a stronger living foundation by becoming more in resonance with the harmonics of the environment.

The many projects Nancy and her team coordinate greatly enhance the application of an array of different aspects of how nature completes the design process. Freedom to express the unlimited possibilities, Nancy is practical in business yet a gifted intuitive, healer, teacher, and consultant. Her commitment is to the overall beauty, harmony and well-being of the environment naturally has a positive effect on all who are lucky enough to live within that space.

As an environmental consultant, I have studied with teachers from around the world. Clients contact me for an array of different situations. I have reviewed hundreds of floor plans for sale of land homes that were not selling. Businesses have benefited as well creating a more functional harmonic working environment.

Wendy and I have effectively worked on many projects including a resort in Nevada City. This property was looking to resolve many challenges while increasing their bottom line. The past genocide on the land had created an overwhelming number of wounds and geopathic stressors. Honestly no amount of paint, staging or remodeling can take away past or present traumas or stigmas unless one applies natural principals. We are passionate about doing our part in healing the earth as every living being has the power of influence positive or negative.

Heartfelt Spaces - About Wendy Lang


  • Teacher- Healer- Speaker locally and internationally
  • Currently offering Shaminic Chinese Medicine (3 year Master Medical Qigong program)
  • Classes offered in Channeling, Mediumship, & Light Body Meditation
  • Extensive background in Space Clearing challenging homes & properties
  • Studied with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson from the International Institute of Medical Qigong
  • Teacher of Light Body Meditation, studied with Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman for 25 years
  • Channeled Remote & in person healing for personal growth & disorders
  • Skilled Animal Communicator & Healer
  • Studied under Master Mantak Chia in advanced Healing Tao & Qi Gong
  • Studied under Sri Punjaji India offering Satsang and meditation practices
  • Creator of “Sacred Images Tibet”

Wendy Lang

Wendy is an expert and teacher in the fields of Space Clearing, Energy Medicine, Channeling and Mediumship.

For the past 15 years she has been teaching a 3 year Master’s program in Medical Qigong and Shaminic Chinese Medicine, as well as offering powerful trainings in the intuitive arts.

Her personal healing practice includes in person and distance sessions for any kind of disorder, for personal growth, and for channeled readings.

In addition, Wendy works regularly with animals as well as offering energetic clearings for homes and properties.

Her personal knowledge and experience has accumulated over thirty years of practice and has been invited to teach a doctoral level program for the IIQSCM.

Holistic Health practitioner and teacher since the eighties as a psychic medium, Qigong teacher and healer, meditation teacher, and director of the school of Shamanic Chinese Medicine etc.”

For more information about Shaminic Chinese Medicine, please visit: www.emptymountain.com

With 35+ years of experience in the field, our energetic space healing techniques are unbeatable. We have successfully transformed even the most difficult spaces, bringing a glowing sense of peace, harmony and well-being to whoever enters. Our unique consultation services are perfect for all kinds of Real Estate concerns.

Heartfelt Spaces Six Sense Home and Office Consulting

Good Feeling Properties:

  • Creates a more healthier productive work environment

  • Provide a safer place to live

  • Homes FOR SALE sell faster plus can sell for higher price!

  • A feeling of health, harmony and a sense of well being

  • Step one: Offsite Assessment Evaluation pricing based on sqft of Home or Office

  • Package #1: Onsite services may include: Space Clearing of Detrimental Energies, Earth Acupuncture / Geomancy, Geopathic Stress, Auspicious Feng Shui, Reduction of EMF radiation

  • Package #2: Also includes Product Accents, Crystal Grid Imprints, Five Elements , Feng Shui Staging using client’s current furnishings along with editing of undesirable clutter or objects

  • Package #3: This is for difficult environments including Ghosts / Spirits that require a higher level of care. Priced according to degree of challenge and overall scope of project.

Client Testimonials

Heartfelt Spaces - 5 Stars Reviews

It was such a joy to have you in our home! Thank YOU SO MUCH for the love and attention you gave to us and the house. We are so grateful for the guidance and wisdom you shared and for all you’re healing. Kate, Mill Valley, CA

Nancy Costa is a true expert, when it comes to creating a holistic wellness environment for your life. From the ground up she covers every square inch. If you are looking for more than just a place to call home; if you are looking for an inner sanctuary filled with the best possible energy to sustain your long term happiness and well – being, Nancy is your woman.”
Jill, Walnut Creek, CA

Nancy is very thorough; she doesn’t let anything pass her by. I noticed a significant shift in my home and in my children’s mood and sleep after her interventions. She is easy to talk to and obviously talented in her abilities regarding energetic balancing. She holds a lot of knowledge that is very useful… perhaps critical for health!”
Leah L.

“In our home, my 21 yr. old son and I had a sense that at night someone was sitting on our beds. Nancy did Remote Clearing of the space and we noticed an immediate change in the home. She was also able to identify further energy disruptions and addressed Geopathic stress in person. Most important was the line going through my son’s bed. The energy shifted and the Ghost was gone!”
Maryann F.

“Nancy worked with our home using Feng Shui and Space Clearing, immediately our home felt more vibrant and lively. Not only is Nancy extremely intuitive, she is amazingly compassionate, which makes for a winning combination.”
Vidya R., Pleasanton, CA.

Latest Features

The Heart has a Brain

There is evidence that this “heart brain” can receive and respond to stimuli before the cranial brain processes it, like a split-second “body premonition.” In other words,

How to Grow Fresh Air Naturally

In 1989, NASA did their first clean air study on how certain plants combat certain harmful conditions within our environment. The book “How to Grow Fresh Air

Freedom of a Clear Space

Feeling like a private investigator, I tune into the essence of the different properties. Each property has its own unique blueprint. In the first phase, I work remotely

“Love working with Nancy! She Feng Shui’d my past and present house. Nothing escapes her. She observes every detail and makes suggestions, or clears out what needs to be cleared. Nancy also makes sure that my personal energy is balanced, open and moving. She is very intuitive and has helped guide me to healing. Nancy is one powerhouse of amazing energy. So glad I know her!”

Kristine B. • Livermore, CA

“I was incredibly impressed with her knowledge and her professionalism in handling what can be described as a delicate subject matter. She approached the challenge from a variety of different perspectives in order to insure a successful sale of a property. I will not hesitate to call upon her again when the situation arises!”

Coco Lewis Real Estate Group

“Thank you Nancy for the great job. There was a significant shift in our relationship, plus my healing room feels pristine! Completely to the next level! Thanks for the cleaning our wealth corner. It was great reconnecting with Nancy!!!”

Shara • Sausalito, CA

“I recently took advantage of Nancy’s services in order to overcome marketing difficulties associated with a Feng Shui issue of a residential property.  I was incredibly impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. She approached the challenge from a variety of different perspectives in order to ensure a successful sale. I will not hesitate to call upon her again when the situation arises!”

Coco Lewis, Coco Lewis Real Estate Group

“I was considering putting in an offer on a home that I liked the look of, just couldn’t get past the bad feeling. Wendy had helped clear our previous home with great success, so we decided to contact her again.  She made an assessment and assured us that she could take care of those funky areas. We bought the house and had Wendy work her magic. “The whole house now feels warm, cozy and inviting, and we’re excited to be moving in!”

Rupert B., New Homeowner
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