Flying Star 2024: Year of the Wood Dragon


2024 year of the Green Wood DragonIn the Dragon year we are going from an 8 period to a 9 period for the next 20 years. The years energy will depend on your animal signs

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5 Elements


Nourishing cycle (Sheng) Nourishing cycle is to promote growth. The order of nourishing is that Wood promotes Fire, Fire nourishes Earth, Earth nourishes Metal, Metal nourished water, and Water nourishes Wood. When considering one element,

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Feng Shui Cures Salt Water


Over the many years of being a Feng Shui practitioner I have been able to see what works and what misses the mark when it comes to Feng Shui cures. Every year according to Compass

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Spiritual Bathing a Lost Art


Everyday most of us come into contact with many people at work, the grocery store on the highway. We are exposed to air and water that lacks the luster of the past. Our foods and

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Design with energy


Design with energy emphasizes energy flow. Energy, in green design refers to quantitatively measured material energy. In Feng Shui, it refers to invisible energy like Yin and Yang energy which people sense. We need to

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Design with cycle


Design with cycle refers to design principles emphasizing cycle. Cycle, in Green Design, refers to a series of transformations: production, construction, operational or consumption and recovery phases; in Feng Shui, it refers to Productive, Destructive

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