Four Types of EMFs


Microwave radiation: Emanating from our beloved wireless technology, small doses may be okay, but our exposure has grown exponentially in the past decade. This is unprecedented for humanity, and many people now experience poor quality

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7 Keys to Healthy Harmonic Safe Space


The sleeping area is the most important as is our office space. Testing the space along with the bed itself gives important clues. At least 12 different solutions just in the sleeping area alone

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The Principals of Bau-Biologie


The 25 Principles of "Bau-biologie" (Building Biology) Building site without natural and human-made disturbances Residential homes away from sources of emissions and noise Low-density housing with sufficient green space Personalized, natural, human- and family-oriented

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Trees: Geopathic Stress Effects


Geopathic Stress, black lines (sha lines) underground water, negative vortexes and EMF transformers are just some of the conditions that are affecting these trees. Visually you can see how the trees in Hayward, CA

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Design with nature


To protect the environment and people’s health, green designers employ an ecological approach: the built environment is analyzed using the ecosystem concept, that is, in terms of its structure of biotic and abiotic components, their

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Spiritual Bathing a Lost Art


Everyday most of us come into contact with many people at work, the grocery store on the highway. We are exposed to air and water that lacks the luster of the past. Our foods and

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