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Heartfelt Spaces Consultations Transforming Spaces

Heartfelt Spaces a Competitive Edge

At Heartfelt Spaces, our expertise is the ability to “Fine Tune” your space through a series of unique approaches. By implementing environmental adjustments and clearings you will feel the lasting positive effects! Even with the most challenging situations we have been able to resolve long standing issues.

Regardless if we are addressing your home, place of business or even vacant land we can be of service while offering valuable wisdom along the way.

Positive shifts happen during the harmonizing process that addresses natural and manmade stressors within your surroundings. Which hence promotes a clear mind with a sense of well being while allowing positive flow in your space and life.`

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Consultation services can be performed remotely anywhere in the world…

Heartfelt Spaces - Consultations Feng Shui

Feng Shui | Geomancy | Geopathic Stressors

Everything is energy, and here at Heartfelt Spaces, we are determined to improve the environmental energy and optimize Chi flow of your home, workspace, or vacant land by utilizing an array of integrated modalities used for over 6,000 years throughout history.

We use specific clearing techniques to clear, align, and harmonize your surroundings from the past and present harmful disrupted conditions. This positively impacts changes within your life and offers valuable insights by creating cures that can attract synchronicity within your life!

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Heartfelt Spaces Article Electrohypersensitivity EHS modern world

Electromagnetic Sensitivity Solutions

For those individuals who are highly sensitive to electrical smog “EMF/EMR” other healing methods are used. Minor or major testing will be helpful to determine which products or possible referrals would be suitable. These two services are normally incorporated in different phases of consultations. “Please note children are highly vunerable due to higher rate of absorbsion while on average women are 82% more sensitive to the adverse effects of EMF/EMR.” Separate services upon request.

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Heartfelt Spaces - Consultations Space and Clutter Clearing

Space Clearing your Clutter

Space clearing is the process where changes to your home, workspace, or surrounding environment happens to revitalize the energy around you to help support your mental and physical mood, including the execution of new project goals.

Space clearing also supports to enhance your spiritual energy while removing unwanted negative energy. Clearing clutter occurs by doing a full walkthrough of your home and or surroundings, either in person or via Skype.

This way, we can determine if there are any obstructions of objects that may contribute to your environment preventing the healing process from happening.

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Heartfelt Spaces Consultations Sustainable Well Being Workshops

The Interactive Workshops

Creating a new culture of Holistic Wellness to achieve “Sustainable Well Being” Exploring the Mind, Body, Spirit and Environmental Formulas for success…The first series of 3 customized workshops will cover an array of topics to ultimately strike a balance in every area of our lives. Interactive workshops are available online and also available in person. Contact us for more information.

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Heartfelt Spaces Consultations Chakra Energetic Healing

Energy Healing

We use the Chakra system to get a deeper understanding of your past present and future so that you can improve flow within the bodies’ environments and overall energy levels. Chakra is a complete system of energy that represents our bodies’ foundation.

Your heart is the main organ that affects your whole system, especially your brain. Healing these 9 energetic body systems will promote health and wellbeing on many levels.

Our experts are knowledgeable in prescribing the right personalized programs for your individualized needs, which may include essential oils, colors, nutrition, crystals or other recommendations.

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Heartfelt Spaces Consultations Services and Products for Health Practitioners

Services, Training & Products for Natural Health Practitioners

The more time we spend in a room or environment, the more our energy gets released into that space.

Therefore, it is also important that practitioners within the holistic field keep their area sacred, feeling clear, healthy, protected, balanced, and vibrant.

I offer specialized training and products to practitioners so that they can continuously have harmonious surroundings to practice in which immensely benefits them along with their clients.

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Crystal Grid Alchemy

Each space is unique in its own way, which is why each project is customizable to fit the specific needs of the environment. Crystal Grid Alchemy is an energy healing modality to help protect you against negative energy while attracting positive ones.

Crystal Grid Alchemy also helps promote a clear vision of your goals and what you want the desired outcome of your life to be.

The crystal grid and stone placements offer its own signature imprint healing characteristic that can assist with healing, protecting, and enhancing your physical emotions and mental bodies along with your space. “Very well-known Fortune 500 Organizations incorporate these Crystal grids for harmonious results.

“Crystal Grid Alchemy permanent placement for your Home or Business upon request”

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Healthy Living Tips

• Bring in nature, plants, flowers and crystal stones

• Artwork with special meaning along with theme alters

• Color that you love, flowing from one room to the next


A brief description of the consultation process

First Phase 1a & b extensive offsite and onsite assessment & adjustments will be implemented.

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Phase 2 & 3 addresses all considerations and corrections revealed from 1st phase assessment.

Proper implementation along with goals needed to move forward with next level of methodologies.

Consultations - Phase 1 and 2

Phase 1 & 2

Design and function using natural elements to achieve complete Heartfelt Spaces.

It is important to implement the principals of design and function to balance out and protect your space’s environmental surroundings.

At Heartfelt Spaces, we use different modality approaches like Eco-Design, Geomancy, Earth Acupuncture, Yin/Yang Balancing, Feng Shui, and Five Elements to promote a healthy lifestyle. A big part of our goal is to minimize the environmental impacts of negative energy.

We do a comprehensive assessment and evaluate your space to encourage sustainable results and a vibrant healing space!

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“I have recently had the opportunity to work with Heartfelt Spaces with a Feng Shui issue of a residential property. I was incredibly impressed with Nancy’s knowledge and professionalism. She helped to insure a successful sale of a property.”

Coco Lewis Real Estate Group

“Loved working with Nancy! She ‘Feng Shui’d my past and present house. She is very intuitive and helped me to balance my personal energy. She is on powerhouse of amazing energy!”

Kristine B, L.A.c. - Livermore, CA

“Thank you for the great Job Nancy. Yes, there was a significant shift in our relationship, plus my healing room feels pristine! Completely to the next level! Thanks for the clearing our wealth corner. It was great reconnecting with you!!!”

Shara O - Sausalito, CA