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Here are just a few of my favorite things, the following categories of products address Health, EMF, Geopathic Stress, Healing, Feng Shui, Divine connection and Protection. By no means is this a full representation of every product I may recommend.

Symbology matters, one’s special connection with the healing properties from the Jewels of the Earth matters now more than ever

Genuine Shungite Products

Heartfelt Spaces Product Shungite Group

Shungite is a high carbon mineral ranging from 35% to 90% respectively. Shungite has an amazing ability to absorb and neutralize high frequency electromagnetic waves. In other words, it has EMF protection created by nature, which is scientifically proven. I also have found different shapes to be effective in the alleviating Geopathic Stress lines. It is a great detoxifier for Mind, Body and Soul while grounding and energizing the 1st Chakra. Drinking Shungite water provides healing, purification and balancing. Shungite is said to be the “Miracle Stone” and/or “the stone of life”.

Heartfelt Spaces Shungite Cube

Shungite Cube

30mm, 3x3x3. This shape is perfect for EMF Protection for use in your vehicle also effective blocking of Geopathic stress.


Heartfelt Spaces Shungite Pyramid

Shungite Pyramid

8 cm, 3 1/4″ base. This shape is one of the strongest. Put next to computer for EMF protection. Effective in blocking of Geopathic Stress lines.


Heartfelt Spaces Shungite Tile

Shungite Tile

10×10 1cm versatile can use under electronic devices to include cell phone,or group of 3 under Wifi


Shungite Pyramid Protection on Natural Stone

This Shungite Pyramid on Jasper stone offers some of the most Powerful protection against EMF and grounding. This good looking set is great to use in the office, next to computers, other electronics including Wifi. Measures 6 inches across its base (150mm), and a height of 4 inches.


Mega Shungite Pyramid Protection on Tile

This Shungite Pyramid on Shungite tile offers very powerful EMF protection. Perfect on Computer desk, helps with Wifi along with other electronics. Measures 6 inches across its base (150mm), and a height of 4 inches, Shungite tile base measures 4×4.


Shungite Sphere

This 5cm EMF protection is perfect in bedroom or family rooms as the Sphere is best for harmonizing energy, stand included.


Shungite Mekaba & Selenite Protection Combo

Merkaba is one of the most powerful energetic symbols. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body, Shungite amplifies and strengthens Merkaba’s inherent enegictic properties. It is able to neutralize radation coming from your devices. The Selenite helps one connect with one’s Consciousness and higher self while evoking protection from Angelic realm while dispeling negative energy. The Selinite Sphere and Heart sit on Shungite Bowls filled with silver shungite chips.


Shungite Sphere Harmonizer with Citrine

This elegant theme of Shungite Sphere with Citrine provides EMF protection while cleansing negative energies. Citrine is considered a Wealth attracting stone in Feng Shui. It is also known as the Mother of all crystals. Shungite nor Citrine needs to be cleared. Each theme comes with natural fur. The Harmonizer can be placed anywhere within an environment but seems to be popular and is harmonious for bedrooms.


Mega Shungite Sphere on Stone

Harmonizing Shungite Sphere offers EMF protection and more.The citrine stones complement the energy. Placed on opalized wood slab. Good looking and functional in a home or work office space. Sphere dimensions – 100mm 6″ around (slap shapes can vary).


Heartfelt Spaces Product Mega Shungit Pad

EMF Protection Healing Shungite Pad

This Shungite pad with 10 sections and cover is extremely beneficial to protect against EMF. Grounding, balancing, healing, detoxifying, protecting and more. Perfect at sleep time under Pillow, on Office chair, TV Chair, on Car seat, under Computer and even on your lap. The stones in each section can be moved around for comfort. A must have in your EMF solution arsenal! (Measurements – Length: 18″, Width: 14″, Weight: 4.5 lbs)


Heartfelt Spaces Product Cell Shield RF Protect

Cell Shield RF Protect

Reduces and absorbs 5x radiation for WIFI,Car, Computer plus larger electronics including electrical powered vehicles (Easy to adhere to objects).

Sold Out

Cell Phone Shield

Provides up to 90% radiation reduction on cell phones, baby monitors, tablets, cordless phones and more…

Sold Out

Shungite Pendulum

When it comes to dowsing, not all Pendulums are created equal. The beauty of this Shungite Pendulum is that not only can it proficiently clear plus it cannot absorb outside negative influences.
This is important when looking for correct information using different messages of divining.


Heartfelt Spaces Product Mega Shungit Water Stick

Shungite Water Stick

Shungite will remove bacteria and other microbes, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, volatile organics, pharmaceuticals, (however, as with other forms of carbon filtration, it is not recommended for the removal of fluoride because it becomes burdened so rapidly). The Shungite crystals are also very beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety, soothing insomnia and boosting your overall energy level. Many people, especially in Russia where the use of Shungite originated, place Shungite stones or pieces in their drinking water because of its documented health benefits.

Instructions: Wash your Shungite Water Stick under running water for 3 minutes. Afterwards soak the Shungite Water Stick in a container of water for a short amount of time, the solution becomes bio-active and can be used to treat illnesses, to heal skin problems, or simply to maintain good health. The life of 1 Shungite Water Stick is up to 6 months. ( not recommended in hot water)


Feng Shui Prosperity & Good Fortune Collection

Purple Quartz with Citrine

Beautiful theme featuring Purple quartz stone with Citrine obelisk , three tumbled citrine stones, gold purple glitter flameless candle on natural fur. This is an Auspicious combination which denotes wealth and prosperity. Citrine is one of only four earth jewels that can transmute negative energy while never needing to be cleared!


Wealth Generator Citrine & Amethyst

In Feng Shui it is well known that Citrine is considered the merchant stone for attraction of Wealth, enhanced with the Purple Amethyst , harmonized with Ocean Jasper heart which boosts intention, coupled with 8 I-ching coins stimulate wealth. Comes with Black / Gold ceramic tray with natural fur. In 2020 best placed in Northwest sector of home.


Heartfelt Spaces Product - Shungite EMF Wealth Generator

Shungite EMF Wealth Generator

The Pyramid corresponds to: the Fire element, making thoughts visible, an upward influence, alignment of the Earth/Sky, available energy, and initiation. The 8 I-ching coins denotes wealth and prosperity together this theme is perfect for wealth area in home or office normally far left corner from front door or activating the prosperity Northwest star sector.


Purple Quartz Crystal Stone with Amethyst

Unique classy one of a kind Quartz stone theme with Amethyst, glitter purple gold flameless candle on natural fur. Brings peace tranquility and balance naturally to any environment.


Love Partnership Collection

 Rose Quartz Love Generator

Perfect intentional cure for generating or enhancing current or future love relationships. This limited edition ceramic tray boasts real fur, natural pink Rose Obelisk 4 inches tall. Sets of two Ocean Jasper hearts and two Red Jasper hearts, sea shell with watermelon turmaline, sea shell, small jade angel and frosted gold/purple flameless light.


Heartfelt Spaces Product - Love Partnership Activation

Love Partnership Activation

Regardless if you are in a current relationship or looking for love this natural Double Rose Quartz Hearts with natural flower pine cone, green angel stone, frosted purple/gold flameless candle and fur piece plus shell for backing included. Excellant for placement in Master Bedroom.


Healing Hearts Collection

Honeycomb Heart Delight

Honeycomb Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. It cleans negative energies from the environment and ones personal auric space.The Golden color is highly vibrational. Balanced with 2 Jasper hearts on Natural fur are strong spiritual grounding stones.


Golden Healer & Jasper Hearts

Golden Healer is a high vibration crystal, a master healer, a multi-purpose healing. Golden Healer Quartz accesses the Golden Ray, the highest vibration of light raising vibrations, good intent, and dissolves and releases blockages. Jasper is a strong spiritual grounding stone, so it will aid you to remain grounded as you complete any type of spiritual practices. As above so below. Comes on ceramic tray with small natural fur.


Green Fluorite Sphere EMF Space Cleansing

Fluorite Stone heart holding Fluorite Sphere is known for Clearing negative energies from your space and auric field. Use this powerful healing combination to bring order to chaos, allowing you to perceive life with mental clarity.


Selenite Healing Group

Selenite, is transparent or translucent white gypsum, selenite mineral rocks are quite powerful. They can also come in peach, orange and blue colors. Selenite is in a small category that is self clearing. Speaking of clearing it is able to clear a person, their space and other stones and gems. Many notable healing properties such as unlocking stagnant energy, clearing negativity, bringing calm, balance, good luck with a spiritual connection.

The word selenite comes from the Greek word selēnitēs lithos, which translates as “Moonstone”; selēnē which means “moon” and lithos which means “stone.” In Greek mythology, Selene is the Goddess of the Moon.

Selenite Yin/Yang Candle Holder

Unique Yin/Yang Selenite candle holders brings a warm ambience and harmony to any space. Can also be separated to use for those relaxing bubble baths.Two soy candles and base included, can also use flameless candles as well. (Never leave burning candles unattended)


Peach Selenite Harmonizer

This sweet theme filled with loving vibrations includes Pink Selenite Sphere, Flower Pine Cone, Starfish,Angel Stone, Jasper and Peach Selenite hearts with natural fur


Mega Selenite Sphere on Jasper

Beautiful Selenite Sphere on Jasper stone offers clearing, grounding, harmonizing along with raising vibration of the environment in which it is placed. Enjoy this special expansive stone also known as the Moon stone with spiritual qualities. Perfect for an office or home library setting. 100mm/10” around.


Heartfelt Spaces Product Golden Onyx Bracelet

Golden Obsidian bracelet

Golden Obsidian bracelet has a golden sheen effect. Metaphysically is is used to alleviate pain, reducing tension, and releasing energy. It is protective and is able to absorb and then deflect negative energies. Fits comfortably up to 7 in wrist (unisex women & men).


Heartfelt Spaces Product - Triple Spinning Heart

Triple Spinning Heart

This flamed copper finish heart makes a wonderful garden accent or decoration inside your home. Beautifully designed handcrafted metal triple heart has a look of flamed copper is intended for both outdoor and indoor use. In 2020 Metal Cure is to be placed in the East sector of one’s home or work space.


Greenwave & Ultimate Longevity Products

GreenWave EMI Meter

EMI Meter

This basic, easy-to-use meter measures the amount of dirty electricity (a.k.a. electrical noise, line noise, EMI) present on the wiring in buildings. Find out how much of this electrical pollution is on your wiring at home, work etc. See the difference Greenwave filters make in reducing it.

Compatible with 50/60-Hz electrical circuits with voltage anywhere between 100V and 240V. Will come with a plug suitable for the electrical outlets in your environment.

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Heartfelt Spaces Product - Greenwave Filters

Greenwave Filters

Greenwave filters reduce the level of DIRTY ELECTRICITY present on the wiring in buildings. They do NOT eliminate the 50/60-Hertz electric and magnetic fields associated with standard electricity or filter ambient wireless signals or other EMFs from the air. Dirty electricity and other types of electro-pollution have been associated with a wide variety of health problems. Greenwave filters significantly reduce the level of dirty electricity present on the wiring in buildings. The less dirty electricity there is flowing along building wires, the less that will radiate into rooms. While Greenwave filters help clean up electro-pollution in homes and other settings, we CANNOT guarantee they will solve or prevent health problems.

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Heartfelt Spaces Product - Ultimate Longevity

Ultimate Longevity

Earthing & Grounding products by Clint Ober of Ultimate Longevity. Discover the science behind the Earth’s healing electrons. Designed & Produced by Clint Ober himself, the originator of the Earthing / Grounding Wellness Movement, Ground Therapy products are the gold standard in grounding products. If you want quality, don’t buy ‘knock-off’ brands infringing on patented technology. Ground Therapy Sleep Mats, Ground Therapy Pillowcases & Pillow Covers, Ground Therapy Throw Blankets, Ground Therapy Patch Kits, Ground Therapy Universal Mats, Blissed-Out Massage Mats, and International Outlet Adapters are just some of the amazing products that Ultimate Longevity has to offer.

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Heartfelt Spaces Product Mega Shungit Sphere on Stone

Shungite Sphere
I purchased the Shungite Sphere on a wood looking slap, I really like the look. As recommended we placed in our bedroom, we are now interested in looking into the pyramid shape for our office as we noticed a difference in the energy for the better! – Shawn reviewed

Heartfelt Spaces - 5 Stars Reviews
Heartfelt Spaces Product Mega Shungit Pad

Shungite Pad
Since I received the Shungite pad I instantly noticed it was helping me feel more grounded. I also have experienced more, focus, concentration and a feeling of calm; I would highly recommend using it often! – Nina reviewed

Heartfelt Spaces - 5 Stars Reviews
Heartfelt Spaces Product Golden Onyx Bracelet

Golden Obsidian Bracelet
I had been studying the healing qualities of stones partly through BioGeometry. This stone was worn by the teacher who said not only does it absorb negativity but also deflects and releases. I was thrilled to find on this Website and wear often. – Colette reviewed

Heartfelt Spaces - 5 Stars Reviews
Heartfelt Spaces Product Rose Heart Pine Flower

Love Naturally Theme
Running multiple businesses, my life is busy and stressful. When I opened my Love Naturally alter it brought to me a feeling of peace, clarity, and spaciousness that comes as a result of time spent in nature, walking along a beach, or sitting under a redwood tree. My lovingly crafted theme sits on my desk, when I need inspiration, relaxation, direction; I just reach out and touch the heart stone. My breath opens up. My mind clears. Peace and inspiration arise. – Sandie reviewed

Heartfelt Spaces - 5 Stars Reviews
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